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The Board is elected to oversee HOA operations, not to do all the work. Committees offer the opportunity to spread the work around and to involve more members in the homeowner association operations.

Association Committees are composed of Bella Vista residents who serve on a voluntary basis.  Committee chairpersons are appointed by the Board of Directors and serve for terms as directed by the Board.  Committees meet as determined by the individual Committee members.

Board / Committee

Architectural Committee
Chairperson - John Shumaker (click on contact below for information details)·Review all plans and specifications for Improvements to all Lots within the Association ·Assist in enforcement of Deed... [more]

Board of Directors
Board directors are elected to serve voluntarily for a two-year term. Elections are held in May at the RealManage office. Election cycles are staggered among the available seats to preserve the... [more]

Maintenance Committee
-Make recommendations to the Board regarding maintenance of common areas ·Organize Annual 'Clean Up Day' ·Consider special recognition awards for 'Yard of the Month' ·Coordinate the 'Neighborhood... [more]

Pool Committee
Chair: Julie Fowler (click on contact below for information details)·Make recommendations to the Board regarding: -Community Recreation Center -Swimming Pool (including rules and hours of... [more]

Publicity Committee
Chair: Veronica Frederick (click on contact below for information details) ·Work with the other committees to publicize Association events and news·Prepare a Newsletter to inform the members of all... [more]

Recreation Committee
-Plan neighborhood parties and other Association events ·Make recommendations to the Board regarding operation of the Community Center ·Help organize neighborhood clubs or groups ·Help organize... [more]

Welcome Committee
Chair: William (Bill) WalterMember: Veronica Frederick (click on contact below for information details)·Greet new members moving into the Association ·Help acclimate new members to the Association... [more]


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